[center]Many things happen to a person in life, calamities or  adversities, and everyone needs to learn  how to pray istikhara so that  many things become easier for himself.
We wanted to introduce a new application that contains  how to pray istikhara  with ease and simplicity and even teach you
In  the application, there are many, including how to pray istikhara , a  supplication, and at any time, and the place that occurs in  how to pray  istikhara
There are a lot of features about how to pray istikhara , and how many rak'ahs it is

Features of the application of  how to pray istikhara

1- Praying istikhara for marriage
2- Istikhara prayer and its times
3-Doaa istikhara
4- What is the istikhara prayer?
5- Ruling on praying istikhaara
6- Ways to pray istikhaara
7-Things to keep in mind
8- Conditions of Istikhara
9- Istikhara prayer is its method
10- Videos of Istikhara prayer
11- Audio clips about istikhara prayer

Every  individual must learn t how to pray istikhara  in order to keep pace  with this life. Every individual wants to make decisions that he must  first
To perform the istikhaarah prayer and to work according to it, and in order to work with it, he must learn it and how to do it
It is necessary to pay attention to  how to pray the istikhara  prayer in every detail

[center]Download  the application how to pray istikhara  without the Internet and on all  Android devices and share it with your friends so that we can continue  with everything new, God willing[/center]

[center]https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta … araab32you[/center]